Sunday :: May 4, 2008

The Gas Tax Brouhaha

by eriposte

Aside from the usual jokers rending their garments over it, I don't find the gas tax holiday back-and-forth to be particularly earth-shaking. I already linked to two Paul Krugman posts that touched on the gas tax issue in previous posts; one of Krugman's posts was a specific critique of Sen. Clinton and Sen. McCain's different proposals and another was an op-ed where he again mentions the gas tax issue in a broader context. I agree with Krugman's view that Sen. Clinton's proposal is "pointless not evil".

All politicians pander and I've never said Sen. Clinton is above pandering. That said, her proposal has been misrepresented or distorted by the Obama campaign (see here and here) and by some in the media (see here). Sen. Obama's own history of pandering and his repeated voting in favor of a gas tax holiday in 2000 (when gas prices were much lower) make his current pronouncements on this matter, um, amusing. Some other posts on this topic worth reading:

Todd Beeton at MyDD: "The Politics of the Gas Tax Holiday"

Bill Scher at Liberal Oasis: "Two Ads"

Lambert at Correntewire: ""Creative Class" [Cough] to Dull Normals: Take One for The Team on Gas Tax!"

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