Friday :: May 9, 2008


by Turkana

Last autumn, the Burmese regime once again proved it is comprised of murderous thugs, and the world responded by blithering and blathering, before turning away and letting the bad guys win. Now, we see the consequences. Now, in the aftermath of a monstrously deadly cyclone, the Burmese government is proving monstrously equal to the task of not dealing with it. The world stands ready to help, but the government won't allow the world to help. Aid flights are not even being unloaded. What aid has gotten in has been seized by the ruling junta. This is the consequence of what happened late last year. This is proof, yet again, that neither the Bush Administration, Europe, China, Russia, or the United Nations takes seriously the basic concept of basic human rights. Allow murderers to run a nation, and people will suffer and die.

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