Saturday :: May 10, 2008

What Kind of Party?

by paradox

As Atrios absent-mindedly rang the bell for a six year run at Eschaton yesterday I suddenly realized with a pang that the blogosphere I have known so well for all this time will soon change dramatically forever. Before we know it there will be no derisive Your President Speaks! at First Draft, for President Mondo Fucko, as the incomparable Melissa McEwan of Shakesville describes him, will finally, actually be gone. A grateful, happy change, yes, but it will still mark the official end of a very special time.

I have no doubt whatsoever the blogosphere and internet political activism will continue to thrive and grow next year, just as I am implacably certain John McCain and the Republicans are about to get the unholy shit beat out of them in an epic record-shattering loss by Barack Obama and all the rest of us. No self-identified, registered Democrat is staying home this year, no matter what happens, the Independents are all breaking Democrat and we have awesome internet activism machines, Jesus what a rout it’s going to be.

Did y’all see the hilarious response McCain’s staff doddered about with when President Obama said McCain had lost his bearings? Damn it makes a liberal happy, for that I rang a bell myself, $100 to the Obama campaign at precisely 0638 on this glorious May morning, the very first of 23, 22 to go. Thank you so much, President Obama, I so look forward to the next 22, and if I could be so bold, I would respectfully request that it not be spent against another Democrat, sorry sir, I’m just that way.

As it all starts to sink in we all begin to wonder what January 2009 will look like, what’s the first big thing to do, what are we going to identify the Party with, just what exactly will the Obama brand of Democracy be? Will America bring real peace to the Middle East, truly combat global warming, finally enact universal health insurance, abandon insane military spending, reform taxation, advance unionization, or protect civil and voting rights?

I don’t know. I pay reasonable attention to politics, and the sell I’ve been given is to keep the faith in a brilliant, handsome young Democrat who says he can transcend partisanship. After watching him extremely closely the last week I’m more than happy to extend that faith to President Obama, it isn’t at all clear to me what he’s going to do in January or what kind of Party we’re going to build, but I’m now quite sure President Obama will herald in a era of real change, somewhere.

Not everything can be changed at once, no matter how naively and vociferously I wish it to be so, and I’ll simply have to accept whatever agenda is finally offered. I don’t run this world, I serve it, and President Obama earned the leadership loyalty last week, it’s that simple.

On one level it’s absurd I don’t what the January agenda will be, but as I thought about it this morning I wondered if any candidate who truly took on the war, health care and poverty would make it through the American primary process. One looks at what happened to Howard Dean and John Edwards, crucified by the corporate media before they even had a chance, and one regretfully concludes that in this time and place, in your America, an extremely cautious, centrist-like, optimistic Democrat is all that was likely to emerge and survive. At least he’s brilliant and black, thank God.

Firmly committed to a 50 state strategy, too, praise baby Jesus, I’m looking forward to the next $100 hit the next time President Obama mentions that. The Party will continue to grow and thrive in January, that is certain, and I’m truly not worried at all about the intra-Party fighting inevitably to arrive as the agenda is set. Democrats have been fighting all year and are about to unleash an unholy hurricane of smashing defeat on Republicans everywhere, the old days are gone.

What new days and ways await us under the Obama brand in the internet era? I look forward with calm optimism in finding out.

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