Monday :: May 12, 2008

What Will It Take?

by Turkana

I've said it before: I don't see many substantive differences between Clinton and Obama, and I do see many substantive differences between both of them and McCain; so, even though neither of the Democrats was close to being my first choice, my support for whichever wins the nomination is certain. But I have a short, simple question for those Clinton supporters who are considering not voting for Obama, should Obama become the party's nominee: what does Obama have to do to win your support?

I realize that there are Obama supporters who are appalled and outraged that anyone could fail to comprehend the wondrousness of the Chosen One, and I realize there are Clinton supporters who will never sell their souls by voting for the Evil One, but I want to hear from the sane and the rational. I want to hear from the Clinton supporters who are upset, and considering walking away, but who are, however reluctantly, open to persuasion. I want to hear from the Obama supporters who are thrilled that their guy now almost has the nomination locked down (and, yes- there is still a very very small chance that he doesn't), but who recognize that there were valid reasons for good people to prefer Clinton. I'd love to see evidence that some of you who are truly passionate for your candidates can discuss this passionately, honestly, and calmly. I've seen it in some threads, but not in others. So, what issues make you Clinton supporters waver? What can Obama do or say to win you? What can you Obama supporters say, in response, to convince these Clinton supporters that Obama is a worthy consolation candidate?

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