Friday :: May 16, 2008

Move Forward With Republicans? AYFKM?

by paradox

One could possibly think as a fierce partisan and long-time critic of President Bush that the extraordinary events of the past 2 days (a US Senator snarling with public profanity at the latest obscene ploy from Bush and Keith Olbermann mercilessly ripping Bush apart) would bring at least a grim satisfaction that the truth of this monster is being more widely known, but it doesn’t. One is only left with a searing sadness at the untold damage still being inflicted on the country, wondering if the nightmare will ever end.

None of this ever had to happen—the Supreme Court didn’t have to steal Election 2000 for Bush, we didn’t have to lie to start a war, we didn’t have to turn our backs on the law with the Military Commissions Act, on and on—but it most certainly has, and now the next President and all of us have to try and clean up an incredible mess in 2009 of almost unimaginable proportions. The first task on the list is the most repulsive and unimaginable of all: work with the Republicans in unity to heal the country and help bring us back.

As Hullabaloo constantly reminds us this gross instant hypocrisy will bleat forth the instant a Democrat becomes President from the Republicans themselves, never mind, goddamnit, how offensively partisan and exclusive the Republicans were under Bush. But for this weary liberal the call for unity and a new way forward will come from my very own President, a new path were partisanship will not hinder us as we work with Republicans.

I have an instant, inalienable, implacable response to that proposition: are you fucking kidding me?

Our dear Republican brethren don’t know any other game but vicious partisanship, they gave up any pretense of sane policy anywhere long ago, but it could possibly be, just perhaps, that under the correct leadership and humiliating defeat this Fall they could actually grow up. It really could happen, and I’m more than ready to give my new President the benefit of the doubt that a new way forward is possible.

What really blows up the unimaginable absurdity of this scenario is the abdication of responsibility for vast crimes. George Bush and half the Executive Branch are plain rank felons. Terrible criminals of vast scope, expense and unimaginable grief and pain. Moving forward by working together means letting all that go, just let it slide and let them all walk, for prosecuting them would be a classically partisan act, there is no escaping that reality for getting Bush in chains.

Not only is this a great and horrible miscarriage of justice, it’s also dangerous for the country. Allegedly one of the great cornerstones of our modern civilization is the rule of law, once The Great Felon is finally gone one would assume this quaint notion of law will magically be in force again. Can someone please explain to me how blithely ignoring vast crimes of galactic scope—with intimately relates to current international relations and our own politics—will be alligned with the Obama Age of Law?

It’s no secret that I am a lukewarm—but very loyal--Obama supporter, and this is precisely why, this incredible idea that after all the criminal insanity of the last seven years not only will Republicans somehow transform themselves into actors of good faith, but also that no one will be held responsible for what has been done to us. I have a hard time believing true healing and a new way forward is possible without accountability and consequences, isn’t that what we constantly try to teach our children? It’s easy to forget, but they’re watching us.

Circumstances and events change, and its entirely possible I’ve misread the Obama message, so I will continue to keep an open mind about it all and support Senator Obama in my cantankerous, obstreperous way, I can only be myself. But for now any scenario that involves working with Republicans without putting Bush and Cheney in chains seems impossible to me.

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