Friday :: May 16, 2008

On Their Own Terms

by Turkana

Bush and the Republicans incessantly equate funding of the war with support of the troops. As if continuing to get them killed and maimed in a war that never should have been started means support. While Bush's literal abuse of the troops is so astonishingly systematic that it easily can be catalogued, with continual updates. But even on the Republicans' own terms, they are now failing to support the troops. As reported by The Hill:

House Republicans knocked the carefully choreographed Iraq war funding process into chaos Thursday when they declined to vote for $162.5 billion for combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The vote was a GOP protest against the tactics of Democrats, who added hard-to-veto domestic spending to the measure and bypassed the committee process. Instead of voting “yes” or “no” on the funding measure, 132 Republicans instead voted “present.”

Because of that, the measure failed by eight votes. In the final tally, 141 members voted yes, 149 voted no, 132 voted present and 12 did not vote.

House Republican leaders said they were seeking to demonstrate that Democrats could not pass the spending bill on their own.

In other words, there was a reason for their not supporting the troops: they wanted to score cheap political points. Of course, that eight votes needed to pass the funding without Republican support likely will be available next year. But the Republicans are determined to go down in flames. At the expense of the troops. By their own definition.

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