Tuesday :: May 20, 2008

Two Popular Candidates, and Neither Is A Republican

by Turkana

Today's elections will make for a study in contrasts, with Barack Obama winning demographically favorable Oregon by double digits and Hillary Clinton winning even more demographically favorable Kentucky by more than twice that. Today also will offer an important lesson in how the two candidates would face McCain, in the general. Obama probably won't have to spend any time or money in either state, as he would have no chance of defeating McCain in Kentucky, and likely no chance of losing to McCain in Oregon. His only reason to even visit either state would be to help Jeff Merkley or Steve Novick win Oregon's senate seat from incumbent Gordon Smith. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, would have to spend resources in Oregon, as polls show her trailing McCain, although I doubt he could actually beat her. Meanwhile, SurveyUSA shows her within striking distance of McCain in Kentucky, which might inspire her to spend resources there, to try to steal a state McCain needs.

The Hill reports that some Obama backers continue to oppose a dream ticket, and for the usual dishonest reasons. The headline says that these backers see the dream as a nightmare. The contrast between Oregon and Kentucky show why such a ticket actually would be a nightmare for McCain.

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