Tuesday :: May 20, 2008

Did Anyone Even Notice?

by Turkana

Did anyone notice that Bush made another trip to the Mideast, last week? Did anyone care? Has any president in the past half century done more to exacerbate the problems between Israel and the Palestinians? By initially taking the purely reactionary position that because President Clinton attempted to broker peace, he must do the opposite- and do nothing- Bush has succeeded in helping deliver both Israel and the Palestinians into the hands of their most extreme leaders. But that, of course, is only the beginning of his disastrous policies and lack of policies in the Mideast. A New York Times editorial lists some of them. But the Los Angeles Times also documented that, once again, Bush proved he's never one to miss an opportunity to make a bad situation worse:

In vivid contrast to his effusive stopover in Israel, President Bush ended a five-day Middle East trip on Sunday by criticizing Arab nations for political repression and urging them toward economic reforms and women's rights.

The president's speech at the World Economic Forum in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el Sheik crystallized an approach that in Arab eyes stubbornly favors Israel over their own concerns and interests.

Yes, of course there is much to be done to liberalize and modernize Arab nations. But coddling an extreme Israeli regime, then taking swipes at the Arabs, isn't going to accomplish much but to further alienate and anger Arabs, Iranians, and Muslims everywhere. If it's even possible to further alienate and anger them.

An article in Spiegel Online succinctly summarizes:

From Beirut to Tehran, his successor will be an heir to strong detractors and weak friends.

Which is, once again, why we can't afford to allow the wounds of the long primary season to prevent us from ending Republican rule of the White House. All McCain can do is demagogue and warmonger. The world needs leaders. America needs to be respected, not feared and hated.

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