Wednesday :: May 21, 2008


by Turkana

It's amusing that Calvinball is being used to rationalize the absurd nomination rules. Because they can't be rationalized. It would not matter to whom the superdelegates are now moving, because they can move to whomever they like, and while some want to say the absurd rules are good, if they work to their candidate's favor, and bad, if they don't, I maintain that they are absurd, and that it doesn't matter to whose favor they work. The nominee will have been chosen fairly, according to the rules. That's the bottom line. But to suggest that the pledged delegates are a valid measure of the will of the people, while the popular vote isn't, is laughable. Both are valid measures. And they may give us different results. And that's why the rules need to be changed. But that's also why this year's nominee will be the legitimate winner. Because he will have won according to the rules as they are this year. And I did write he.

Using what I consider to be the most valid measure of the popular vote (including Florida and the caucus states, but excluding Michigan, where- whoever was at fault- Obama was not on the ballot, and the uncommitteds cannot be presumed to all be his, or to all not be his), RCP now has Obama up 257,727 votes, or 0.7%. Puerto Rico can put Clinton ahead, giving her a valid argument as the people's choice. Which isn't to say that Obama doesn't also have a valid argument, as pledged delegate leader. If Clinton prevails in the popular vote, both candidates will have valid claims to be the rightful nominee. Which means, once again, that whichever candidate is chosen by the superdelegates will be the legitimate winner. Because the system is so badly broken that neither candidate can be said to not have a legitimate claim to the nomination. Which means that the supporters of whichever candidate does not win will not have a legitimate complaint that the election was stolen. Because those are the rules. Which need changing. But which change cannot impact this year's election. And it is almost certain that the superdelegates will choose Obama. Who will have won fairly. And legitimately.

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