Saturday :: May 24, 2008

Small Moves

by paradox

As a very concerned Democratic Party constituent and citizen I had a natural expectation that the 2008 nomination process would yield tangible policy plans for a number of urgent problems: precise extrication plans from the nightmare in Iraq, specific goals to reach in acquiring universal health care, unambiguous 2020 initiatives to combat global warming, and exact taxation proposals for inequality and deficit reduction start a very long list.

With a ludicrous American political propaganda corps obsessed with hair and preachers, a careful, optimistic Democratic candidate and a 2009 Congressional majority that hasn’t been set yet it’s finally dawned on me that my expectations for the American electoral process remain absurdly high, faith will have to do that policy directions in Iraq, healthcare, global warming and inequality will be aggressively reversed by Senator Obama’s 2009 presidential term.

I don’t think it’s an error of over-confidence to think of Senator Obama as our next President. He’s got the nomination and he will not lose to that chump political corpse John McCain, the recent win in Mississippi should demonstrate to everyone that continued hard work and participation locks in an Obama presidency and a firm agenda for change in 2009. For now we’ll just have to wait on real details of how to get the country out of the canyon of a ditch we’re in.

Perceiving precise change on a number of big policy issues does not mean real progress will be immediately made on a number of smaller policy issues, however, and their diminutive nature on the agenda should not mask the enormous amount of good that will happen upon policy change and an Obama presidency. It can be credibly argued that great change over a wide policy swath is impossible, no person or country is capable of it, so the small moves of incremental change are what one should expect.

One great blessed change will be the cessation of outrageous federal prosecution of medical marijuana growers, Californians and other states that have legalized it will finally be left alone to try and treat their sick people. The insanity and outrage of denying endlessly vomiting children under chemotherapy a treatment that really works will finally end, and maybe—just maybe—the sycophant supporters of Ronald Reagan will comprehend at last what it really means to get “government off the backs of the people.”

Legalizing medical pot will of course glaringly highlight the utter stupidity of prosecuting any marijuana possession or cultivation, and combined with the vicious fiscal forces squeezing state governments to save money any possible way American citizens will finally stop being ruthlessly persecuted and put behind bars just for smoking pot. It won’t happen all at once, but Senator Obama’s precise policy stance on medical marijuana will initiate the process and I’m profoundly grateful for it.

Another great small change will be the immediate end of the outrage of abstinence-only sex education. It’s been demonstrated not to work time and time again, it’s stupid, regressive, harmful, and worst of all instills total disrespect in our young people for their elders, what generation could respect idiots that advance this lunacy of sexual education that preaches a life with no sex?

I wouldn’t dare to dictate sexual behavior mores to anyone, but if our children are potentially clueless about sex with pregnancy and life-threatening diseases at stake at least the America I live in, circa 2009, will damn well provide them real education based upon facts that can offer them critically important, vital choices in their lives if they choose to have sex. Praise baby Jesus, what a concept.

These are just two small vital acts of change among many that will be initiated in 2009, and of course an Obama presidency means critically important judicial and agency appointive choices that will vastly improve life for Americans in a myriad of small ways. Details of how the big issues facing us are going to be attacked are not clear yet, but it is certain even now that with continued hard work to elect Senator Obama president life for Americans, starting in 2009, will immediately start to get better in a lot of incremental, important ways.

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