Saturday :: May 24, 2008

The Fake Outrage Machine

by eriposte

Sen. Clinton's comments on RFK were unfortunate because they could be misinterpreted by those unwilling to take the trouble of checking out the facts independently - but it is clear reviewing her statement (video) and the context (also see the Argus Leader's Executive Editor's comment) that her observation (one that she has made before) was not offensive and that the outrage spewing forth against her is beyond ridiculous. Borrowing a phrase from Digby from another topic altogether - my reaction to the fake outrage is probably best described as "projectile vomiting".

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Riverdaughter at The Confluence: RFK and the 1968 primary - she ends with:

The reaction of the Obamasphere and the media is totally indefensible. The HuffingtonPost is taking a very matter-of-fact discussion of primary history and twisting it into a vile insinuation that Hillary can’t wait until someone takes Obama out. It is time they stopped behaving like the Orwellians during a two minutes hate.

The Confluence would like to encourage Clinton to hang in there. Make it clear that you aren’t going before the primaries end, Florida and Michigan are seated with restored influence for the convention and every voter has spoken. We are losing patience with the media’s and oppositions efforts to force Clinton out of the race by creating scandalous and false accusations. The shame barrier has been crossed in a major way today and it is hardening our resolve.

I agree entirely.

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