Monday :: May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

by paradox

The Left Coaster extends it deepest sympathies and gratitude to the families that have lost precious loved ones serving in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Kosovo, Grenada, Somalia, Panama, Bosnia, the Iraq wars, and Afghanistan. We hope that time can somehow ease the burdens of your loss and sorrow, along with the knowledge that the sacrifice and service of your loved ones and families will never be forgotten.

Thoughts and prayers are with the wounded, may your scars and burdens heal for a full, long life.

A call of duty has gone out to Democratic Party veterans this Memorial Day to attack John McCain for his refusal to support the 21st Century GI Bill, something I am simply unable to do, no matter how fervently I work, hope and pray for Democratic Presidential and Congressional victory this year.

I can only hope in my tiny, puny way this morning that war is understood as the expression of ultimate failure for the human race, that to deliberately choose it is to always open the gates of hell to failure, maiming, and death, inevitably leading to eternal grief and mourning. The words of Mr. Andy Rooney always haunt me on Memorial Day, again with a fervent wish that it was universally known no man or woman ever gave their lives in service to their country. Their lives were taken from them.

For all of those who have died and been wounded, we will not forget. Peace be upon your souls. Peace be among all nations.

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