Thursday :: May 29, 2008

The Scotty Show

by Turkana

I haven't had anything to say about Scott McClellan's new book, because there isn't all that much to say. He's not telling us anything new, and the book doesn't redeem him. It's possible his personal take will lead to his being called to testify before Congress, but even if that happens, it's doubtful it would lead to anything other than the usual televised nothing.

The best thing about McClellan's book is that it has led to the return of karateexplosions, the preeminent McClellan critic, anywhere. He's going to do a series on the book, but first wanted to reintroduce himself to old friends, and introduce himself to those unfortunate to have not before read him. It's a greatest hits compilation, and laugh-out-loud hilarious. Go enjoy.

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