Saturday :: May 31, 2008

Looks Like Fighting to Me

by paradox

While the Democratic Party woodenly inches into place for its setup of self-immolation in an endless primary process (it’s a setup, nothing is irrevocably in place or heaved asunder, not yet) John McCain has gotten away with falling flat on his face out the campaign starting blocks.

Mr. Maverick had to fire a whole cadre of rich DC lobbyist leeches who are trusted in his campaign and convention staff, continually mangled easy regional Middle East geopolitical facts, and just stood there as his immensely rich wife decided she got to write American political rules by not releasing her tax returns. Mr. Family Man finally acquiesced with the returns, hoping the facts about how he ditched his first wife and mother of his children so he could marry this rich heiress and enter politics would, just like the arrogance of initially not releasing her returns, just fade in the memory hole.

John McCain’s son didn’t speak to his father for at least five years for that little trick (McCain’s wife had become seriously disfigured in an automobile accident, through sickness and health, oh well), eventually to enlist in the Marine Corps at age 17, likely without finishing high school. Mr. Barbeque is about to find out that with hundreds of thousands dead in lying war, prices going through the roof in a recession and the ice caps melting underneath our feet that Election 2008 means that this time there is no memory hole, not for you, Mr. 100 Years in Iraq John McCain.

Mr. Military Expert then promptly demonstrated last week how his chump political carcass will be so easily and mercifully embalmed in the election, stupidly misrepresenting the truth and empirical troop numbers post the glorious surge of death and futility in Iraq. Senator Barack Obama, the presumptive nominee of the Party because his people insist that saying so makes it so, then slapped John McCain around with a political jujitsu that made this proud populist liberal Machiavellian writer happy indeed. [1]

Ultimately to leave this voter sadly confused and hesitant, however, for it has been projected with an amusing arrogance (the fount of this awesome social science insight always simply unstated) that I am a victim of Rovian divisive politics, the abuse fueling my combative tactics and rhetoric against the crook lying Republicans. Yet when Senator Obama just easily pop-jawed McCain for callously disregarding tens of thousands of troops, well, that looked like fighting to me.

The confusion is weaved into another premise of the Obama presidency, that he isn’t a liberal and he can forge a new kind of American politics forward out of the environment all of us have ever experienced. It’s certainly not a conservative path, if it’s not liberal what is it? New, comes forth the answer. New what? New what we say it is, seems to be the response. One carefully studies the Obama policy positions on his website and, well, that looks like classic incremental liberalism to me. [2]

The bedrock of my skepticism stems from the one incident observed when Senator Obama decided to change the tone and path of American politics, when he forcefully, masterfully, insightfully responded to the ridiculous race imbroglio of Reverend Wright. His supporters rightfully shone with a fierce pride at the new path offered in the excellent speech, but the Republican-enabling media and his opponents, completely unsurprisingly, blithely ignored it.

Unfairly and completely outside of his control Senator Obama had to endure the absurd Wright meander later blowing up his face, the New Not Liberal way becoming—at least in this one instance—as much a political carcass as John McCain.

Heavy counterbalance to my skepticism is engaged watching this Illinois Senator brilliantly employ the 50 state strategy and a small donor base to take the lead in the nomination process. Along with excellent rhetoric and adroit media timing, when he chooses to be and situations demand it Senator Obama is a very good political fighter, the kid looks like he knows what he’s doing, indeed.

It’s why I voted for him, will vote for him, have contributed to his campaign, and will help his people all I can until November. Senator Obama possesses a brilliant, near-genius intellect of real American sincerity, he can call his politics whatever he wants, frankly, as long as he keeps fighting with it he’ll have this citizen’s undying loyalty and service.

[1] For those who would shrink at the embrace of the evil ever-cunning Niccolo Machiavelli I would only offer that much closer scrutiny of his life and work are called for. Realism then demands from the reality society judgment on a man and philosophy based upon the world as it is, not as we wish it to be.

[2] I often go to the Obama website to study and every single time I get the Flash introduction to volunteer for the campaign. Look, if I was going to volunteer I’d’ve done it by now, and I have forked over some cash, so why I am still getting the Flash volunteer introduction by default each time I visit?

Please implement a cookie with a visit rule of, say, five, and if the end user still hasn’t signed up stop forcing browser and end user behavior, it’s irritating. The option to volunteer is still right there on the site once the voter has arrived. Thank you for your consideration and attention in this matter.

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