Saturday :: May 31, 2008

Republican Dirty Tricks

by Mary

Meanwhile Rove and the other psychopathic GOP tricksters are driving to have a special 9/11 anniversary. The Miami Herald reports that the administration is set to start the "terrorist" show trials on September 11th in order to make terrorism the center of John McCain's election. As the Miami Herald noted, included in making sure the show trial of the century gets off the ground in time, was the dismissal of one of the Gitmo judges who had been seen to favorable in his rulings for the defense and who had ruled that the government had to provide more access to the "evidence" they were using to prosecute the defendant.

Along with the institutionalization of torture and the illegal invasion of a country that was no threat, these show trials will be the culmination of the destruction of the values upon which this country was founded. It will take decades before our country can live down the reputation of being a rogue nation, and with this plan to once more exploit the terror and fear of 9/11 by bogus and illegitimate show trials, the warmongering GOP are once more attempting to condemn us to further scorn. How low will they go?

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