Sunday :: Jun 1, 2008

Puerto Rico

by Turkana

According to the exit polls, Hillary Clinton is winning by an even larger margin than had been expected. However, turnout appears to have been lower than expected. This means she will likely get a larger delegate boost than had been expected, but not the huge popular vote boost her popular vote argument needed. No raw numbers, yet, so we'll see...

At 4:05 local time, just a trickle of votes have been counted. My updates will be infrequent, as it appears the final tally will take quite a while.

5:17 local time: Clinton 108,612 68%; Obama 51,411 32%; 49% reporting.

Clinton will likely gain just over 100,000 votes. Not enough to put her into the overall popular vote lead, unless one counts Michigan, which I don't. Some Clinton supporters count Michigan, as real people voted real votes, and Obama took himself off the ballot, which wasn't required. But I'm trying to discern the will of the people, and unlike the Rules and Bylaws Committee, I don't have magic pixie dust. So, the will of the people in Michigan remains unknown.

7:19 local time: Clinton 243,542 68%; Obama 112,852 32%; 93% reporting. CNN currently has Clinton winning a 21 delegate margin.

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