Tuesday :: Jun 3, 2008

Even When It's Over It Won't Be Over

by Turkana

As everyone knows, the Associated Press is reporting that the race is over. But since that's based on privately expressed superdelegate commitments, and two states are still voting, we can hold off on the official celebrating and mourning. But a lot of superdelegates are committing to Obama, today, and it seems likely that a lot more will tonight.

The real end of the race won't come until Clinton officially concedes. It's already been reported that Obama told her he's willing to meet her at a time and place of her choosing. If I were her, I'd pick Lake Lucerne or Santorini. They both could use a long vacation, far away from their supporters and detractors, far away from the ravening claws of the corporate media, and far away from us.

Unless you've worked on a political campaign, you have no idea how exhausting it is. You don't even realize how exhausted you are until it's over. And that exhuastion is no different whether you win or lose. When it's over, all you want to do is collapse. What's different is what you wake up to after that collapse. For Obama, the primary was the easy part. It gets tougher and more vicious, from here. It gets genuinely tough and vicious, from here. And if he beats McCain, that's when the real work will really begin. Because cleaning up after Bush's disasters will be one of the toughest jobs any American president has ever faced.

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