Thursday :: Jun 5, 2008

Karl Rove is Still With Us

by paradox

Balloon Juice and Anonymous Liberal have both noted the latest right-wing media churn: label Barack Obama a “gaffe machine.”

This is a classic Rovian tactic, take a glaring weakness of your candidate (John McCain is a blundering oratory embarrassment) and flip it onto your opponent, no matter how ludicrous the circumstances. The shining example for all the Michelle Malkin’s of the world is the Rovian flip on Al Gore in Election 2000, where the square, boy-scout honest Al Gore was made into a liar, Bush the model of moral rectitude. We all know how that worked out.

It’s always easy to scoff at these manufactured hit memes from our Republican brethren, but after what they did at the Wellstone funeral (manufacturing a wholly fake scandal on the grave of a Senator) no one should underestimate their potential power. Google “Obama gaffe” and see what happens.

John Cole is correctly amused, one would think, this latest ginned up gimmick from a desperate party just won’t stick on a brilliant man when compared to that doddering political carcass who likes green backgrounds. Still, it bears watching, and make no mistake, Karl Rove is still with us.

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