Thursday :: Jun 5, 2008

Leaders Leading

by Turkana

Hillary Clinton continues to acknowledge her defeat, that Barack Obama is the leader of the party, and that the leader gets to lead. For his part, Obama continues to acknowledge the good that Clinton's candidacy actually did him. From the New York Times:

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on Thursday disavowed a campaign by some of her supporters to press Senator Barack Obama into selecting her as the Democratic party’s vice presidential candidate. Mrs. Clinton said the supporters were acting on their own, and that the choice of a running mate was “Senator Obama’s, and his alone.”

The statement, issued by Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, came after two days in which a number of her key supporters had pushed the idea of an Obama-Clinton ticket, saying it would salve wounds in the Democratic Party and assure a Democratic victory in the fall. And Mrs. Clinton had made no obvious effort to discourage the effort, telling New York lawmakers in a private conference call earlier this week that she was open to serving as Mr. Obama’s running-mate.

Mr. Obama, formally opening his general election campaign in Bristol, Va., on Thursday, complimented Mrs. Clinton as he began to exert control over the Democratic Party and to focus its efforts on the race against Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, in the fall.

“I know I’m a better candidate because I ran against her,” Mr. Obama said, speaking over the applause of several hundred supporters. “She’s tough. She is just an outstanding candidate, and a great public servant.”

The Times points out that Clinton's statement is indicative that she does actually want to be considered as running-mate. But she's making clear that she accepts and respects that it is not at all up to her.

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