Tuesday :: Jun 10, 2008

Northern California Rocks for Obama

by paradox

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting this morning that Senator Barack Obama is the beneficiary of a burgeoning regional phenomena, the emergence of heavy liberal fundraising in Northern California. In donation terms if Norcal were a State it would be the fourth-largest in the nation, while Senator Obama has a gaudy proportional take of the haul, bringing in an incredible $1 for every .17 cents Senator McCain feebly takes in.

I’ll live up to NorCal’s new rep this morning by banging the Obama website for $100, $400 on my way to the goal of $2,300. As late as December, John McCain told a newspaper in New Hampshire that he’d love to offer a solution to the housing crisis, but he just didn’t have one. It took him three different tries to figure it out, and in the end, his plan does nothing to help 1.5 million homeowners who are facing foreclosure, even as he supported spending billions to bail out Wall Street. Bang bang, send in the dough!

In one way it certainly is gauche to publicly track my donation rate, and it breaks my usual spiritual stance of anonymity. I consider $2,300 to be an un-Godly amount of money that many times I can’t believe I’ve been so foolish as to talk myself into giving away, but it’s necessary for the health of the Republic, and there may be some value of sorts in the testimonial. Witnessing, the evangelicals call it.

I also think it’s very important that the Republican Party and corporate America get the message as soon as they freaking can that this country is not for sale. It’s politics, resources, and people do not exist as basis for your god damn profits. Liberals and little people have money, we finally have the mechanism and numbers to match whatever influence big business can try, and your power is finally matched, soon to be even exceeded.

Liberal money ascension will be relentless, just as the party identification and participation rates have been this year. For Katrina, FISA, Iraq, the economy gone to hell, lousy healthcare and all the lies there will be no escape for John McCain and the Republicans, none. “Energized” doesn’t come close to describing how motivated the Democratic base is, the nuclear fury of what’s been done to us and the hope for change will keep the river of cash flowing to Obama right until Election Day.

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