Tuesday :: Jun 10, 2008


by Turkana

Melissa McEwan asks:

How many times during the primary did we hear that Hillary Clinton was so self-absorbed, so drunk with ambition, so mad with the need for power that she would do anything—anything!!!11!—to get the Democratic nomination? How many times did we hear that from ostensible progressives, even in the comments threads of this very blog? I can't even imagine how many times I read that shit over the past few months.

But, of course, just a day after the final primaries, the word was out that Clinton would withdraw. On Saturday she made what has been universally regarded as a truly great concession speech. Now, as McEwan notes, Clinton has asked her donors to back Obama, and she has asked her pledged delegates to back Obama.

Do you think any of the people who went on and on about what a reckless, power-questing, narcissistic, voraciously and dangerously selfish person she is are even the slightest bit ashamed of themselves? Or just fucking embarrassed for being so wrong?

Me, neither.

Nor me.

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