Wednesday :: Jun 11, 2008

Still the Same Maureen

by paradox

Serious advocates of policy solution, science, history, fact and the human pursuit of happiness rarely invoke the contributions of “journalist” Maureen Dowd of the New York Times, for of course Ms. Dowd rarely writes about any of those things. Ignoring her legendary trivia is dual in purpose; not only does it save precious time, but critically deprives Ms. Dowd of fulfilling her mission, which is to instill disgust over the American political process.

To engage Ms. Dowd solely on the premise of her distracting noxious minutiae without the stated knowledge of her mission plays precisely into her hands, so naturally she’s ignored reflexively, exactly as one ignores an emetic in the medicine cabinet. Ignoring what has wreaked so much damage in the past is also an excellent tactic for seeing it repeat in the future, as the legendary MeteorBlades of Daily Kos reminds us this morning, so a correct perusal and parsing of Ms. Dowd’s latest filth is called for.

“Mincing up Michelle” is a disturbing, queasy headline, juvenile in its clumsy alliteration and grating in its knifing imagery, time to get out the blades and hack up another liberal, come on in! The United States of America and the New York Times, that’s how you legitimize personal violence allusions on a candidate’s wife, yeah. Now who wouldn’t want to join in all the fun of that?

“Hillary and Bill are busy updating their enemies lists.” Just like her headline, Ms. Dowd will always instantly pivot to a personal perspective for the reader. Never mind war for lies, global warming, health care, economic/racial/gender equality, infrastructure or agriculture policy, just forget it, politics can be distilled into the purely speculative and projected personality tales of Ms. Dowd.

Note the customary and polite lack of title, the laughingly presumptuous equalization of a past President and immensely successful candidate to a mere Dick and Jane ensnared in a juvenile grudge game. Strangely and jarringly that awful lead sentence is followed by “and” in the next sentence, the stupid meaningless gossip finally linking the hatchet job on Michelle Obama so gleefully about to follow, Senator Barack Obama’s “rival.”

From a pure writer’s craft perspective this is a pathetic first paragraph, a face-splat of attempted minimalism, disrespect for the subjects and the reader, and lousy execution of attempted linking of two subjects, the first of which (the Clintons) had no empirical business being there anyway. The publisher of the New York Times could care less the alleged “flagship of American journalism” just launched a Hindenburg turd of offensive writing incompetence around the world, well, so what? Competent diction has nothing to do with Ms. Dowd’s mission.

Which is to fully--in exacting and bitchy exhaustive detail--introduce the new disgusting right-wing cultural jihad against Michelle Obama to America, which Ms. Dowd so helpfully defines as a “sulfurous game” of “Kill the Witch.”

Ms. Dowd is happy her tale is “sulfurous” but desperate the reader distances the filth she’s about to endlessly write about from herself and the New York Times, it’s those “creepy web sites” that link to “other web sites” that eventually make it to Fox News that are the source of all this terrible, offensive trash.

Pathetic is again the normative response to such a tactic, of course all of this publication is a choice by the New York Times and Ms. Dowd, the pretense that any of this is “reporting” or “analysis” by a “journalist” is completely laughable. Ms Dowd is spraying her regressive GOP talking points as far and wide as she can, of course, she’s an extremely willing conduit of filth, she didn’t have to write about any of this in the context of Michelle Obama being “a target-rich environment.”

Who said that, Ms. Dowd? Naturally she enables the propaganda by hiding the source, which again, she chose to do. Identifying the quote would expose and legitimize the hatred Ms Dowd peddles too much, even for her, so she cloaks it in this disgusting anonymity and hopes the reader simply doesn’t notice.

Enough readers and serious human minds noticed long, long ago and rightly choose to ignore this childish, offensive propaganda. Ignoring Ms. Dowd is extremely wise for personal and Republic health, yet it is occasionally necessary to remind ourselves never to engage in her precise tactics for rebuttal, that’s precisely what she wants. Ms Dowd’s mission is the disengagement of American politics resulting from disgust, something she’s still trying to unsuccessfully hide from all these years, still pretending to be a journalist at the New York Times.

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