Saturday :: Jun 14, 2008

Hatred of America Ratcheted Up

by paradox

It’s inexplicable to me how such alleged stewards of the crown jewels of Democracy—habeas corpus, the 4th Amendment—could harbor such hatred for America, but the Iraqi people hate us because we lied to war on them and exploit their resources, that much is crystal clear, the worst President of all time trying to jam permanent bases down their throats without even seeking approval of his own Congress.

Of course the Iraqi people despise us for that, and naturally this has led to a ladder of one-upmanship in Iraqi politics, the more a leader resists the American occupation the more popular and powerful he becomes. Yesterday the very powerful and stupidly underestimated Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr upped the ante of American resistance yet again, calling for a new group to more effectively kill our troops while other forces undermine the occupation simultaneously.

The American people are lied to this very day why our sons and daughters are slaughtered on the sands of Iraq, so one often sees pathetic shards of rationalization for somehow continuing the occupation into the next Presidency with deadly obscure phrases like “regional security force” and “phased withdrawal.”

The Iraqi people, however, have absolute clarity about what happened in the Iraq war: we went tribal on them. They could care less about how we lied to ourselves and everybody else, the absolute truth is that we lied to war in the greatest traditions of Attila and Adolf, intent on plunder just as voraciously as the Vandals. 1

The longer we stay the more we will be hated and the more popular it will become to kill our people to get us the hell out. Money and lives spent, alleged prestige, resources security and a host of other variables Americans constantly babble about are totally irrelevant.

The United States cannot occupy Iraq if we are hated and unwanted. The longer we stay after being lying killers the more we will be hated. America has “lost” whatever sick fantasy it deluded itself into for waging this insane evil war, there is nothing that can ever be done to change this irrevocable fate, and the sooner there is not one American citizen on Iraqi soil next year the better.

Furthermore, America will never be on the right track again until Iraq is completely solved, for the next President there is no denial of reality indefinitely, never freaking again. There are no more Friedman Units, no more kicking the can down the road, get used to the reality total retreat from Iraq begins next January or February, the option of denial is simply gone.

Again, with Iraqi political leaders spiraling up the resistance month up after month there is no other scenario possible, the Iraqi people hold all the power over their fate, Americans none. We can’t and won’t occupy Iraq, end of story.

It is the fervent belief of all my soul the only American leader capable of ending the insanity of the Iraq war on the best terms possible for America is Senator Barack Obama. John McCain will only continue the insanity until the inevitable retreat is a pell-mell hell of unnecessary death, some un-Godly years from now.

But Senator Obama needs at least a working majority in the House to be the President we need him to be, the Blue Dog coalition we have now has crippled Nancy Pelosi. Current general projections are for the Democrats to pick up around 20 seats in the House in Election 2008. If Senator Obama is elected President and that House projection holds the infuriatingly cautious language of “regional security force” in a “phased withdrawal” will instantly, thankfully vanish, for then President Obama will finally begin to implement the consequences of a lying war, resulting from the hatred for America being ratcheted up, day after day, month after month, year after year.

[1] The liars in the Bush Administration have always piously blathered on and on about how America or American companies would never, ever own Iraqi oil reserves, of course not. What they never mention is that oil is utterly useless without the services to pump it, transport and refine it. A country doesn’t have to own a resource outright to have a total exploitive chokehold on it.

What makes this scenario even more appalling is that the Vice President of the United States used to be a CEO of an oil services company, still owns stock in that company (Halliburton), which has made vast profits as the result of the Iraq War. Harry Truman started his political career putting men like Dick Cheney behind bars; when the true reality of the Iraq War sets in next year Dick Cheney will be extremely lucky if that’s all that awaits the rest of his pathetic life of earth.

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