Sunday :: Jun 15, 2008

Knives and Guns and Fights, Oh My

by paradox

I’ve been amused in the last 24 hours to the latest manufactured uproar in the corporate and right-wing blogs to the tough-guy beat ‘em up rhetoric of Senator Barack Obama, who said if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun at a fundraiser Friday. Wry smiles result not from the classic corporate and Republican bleating from the confrontation, but from the Obama supporters who proclaim a Democrat who fights is actually a new modern phenomena, coupled with a semi-snooty huffiness that whatever you thought new meant relative to Senator Obama’s politics, liberal, well, of course it means badass fighting.

I see. I’ve been studying history since the day I could read, I got a BA in political science that got me into grad school with a perfect GMAT writing score, I know economics and natural sciences to a fair degree, I often refer to Machiavelli, Burke, Locke and Thoreau and still have not a clue what the hell the new in new means in Senator Obama’s political paradigm of leadership, it sure isn’t a content thing.

Furthermore, I am a completely boomerized American model, soaked in the corporate blast of television marketing since the day I could see, eventually to fervently toil in corporate professional kingdoms of million-dollar marketing for over a decade, “new” is an extremely old and well-worn sling at my consciousness that impresses me about as much as an offer from a crack dealer. What I have repeatedly, empirically observed is that Senator Obama is a plain fighting liberal, that’s obviously what he is, and this irritating fluff freshness sell of “new” is best ignored, it’s what the press and Republicans will do anyway.

Now then. Liberal is a great, proud word the Obama campaign should feel grateful to be labeled with, for the enabling corporate press will instantly, instinctively attempt to feminize him, to girly-man him in earth tones and pink bandaids. The very intelligent Obama campaigns knows it, it’s why Senator Obama is such a good fighter, and faced with that (plus the American cultural reputation that handsome black males are anything but girly, not hardly) the corporate press and Republicans will instantly pivot that an articulate fighter must be a radical, a crazed kook, a left-wing pajama-clad sort.

Truth and reality have absolutely nothing to do with the Republican and corporate press response to fighting, these are the pod people who turned the reprehensible pencil-neck needle-dick George Bush into some virtuous manly political god, remember? To see how insidious and all-encompassing the enablement of Republican propaganda is in the American press, view the “journalism” of one Mr. Joe Garofoli of the San Francisco Chronicle yesterday, yes, the same San Francisco of all those hippie radicals eating organic turnips at gay weddings.

Not helping negative impressions of Michelle Obama was an on-screen tagline on the Fox News Channel on Wednesday that identified her as "Obama's Baby Mama…"

That clumsy Michelle Obama, what a chump to be the victim of searing racism from grossly insensitive, drooling goons who dare to call themselves American.

[Fox News retracted and apologized for the outrage later yesterday.]

Joe Garofoli blithely ignored American history, his education, his upbringing and his profession to write this filth, he ignored it all and buried his nose in the bureaucratic buttocks of his employer for some of the most impressive professional anus-suckling corporate ass-kissing I have seen for a long time. His editor looked on and said yes, this is good. Far, far away the direct descendants of William Randolph Hearst--one of the most cruel, rapacious humans to ever live—eventually looked on and said oh yes, yes it is very good to own a newspaper.

That’s why Senator Obama—and I—are fighting back. Republicans and their nauseating enablers at the San Francisco Chronicle have taken this country to the brink in an insanity of losing wars, crushing debt, spiraling prices, unemployment, global warming and no health care. Did they really think Americans were just going sit there and hold no one responsible for what’s happened? That the Democratic Party would not eventually produce a brilliant candidate who would not just sit there and take their lying filth sitting down?

Well, they certainly know now. Newsweek and Politico will pretend to be shocked and wave their handkerchiefs a Democrat is fighting, but don’t be fooled, Republicans truly only love to fight, they’re well, well used to it. With Senator Obama as candidate for President they’re going to get used to losing, too.

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