Sunday :: Jun 15, 2008

Sunday Quick Hits

by Mary

Tomorrow same-sex couples can seek marriage licenses in California starting at 5pm. However, getting married wasn't aways a goal of the gay community. From the San Francisco Chronicle comes a piece that charts the path taken by the gay community to a seeking the right to marry.

First lady is a hard job these days, and Michelle Obama has become a target of the virulent lies and smears of the angry conservatives. Wicked smears seem to be the fate of smart, independent and strong women married to powerful and charismatic men who would be President.

E J Dionne notes that the Republican brand had fallen so low that even though McCain has stronger support from those who call themselves Republican, he loses to Obama by 6 points if independents are not considered. When you add in independents, Obama leads by 13 points. The only people who are strongly for McCain are the press and Wall Street. In fact, McCain was voted best for the economy at the Reuter's Investment Outlook Summit according the the Wall Street experts. Obviously they have a lot to lose when the economy works for the rest of the nation and not just for them. Wall Street might like McCain, but Corporate America is backing Democrats this year.

Why the rest of the country needs to worry about a McCain presidency was laid out extremely well by Scott Horton responding to the Supreme Court decision last week. Bush thought he had packed the court, but he was one vote short. A McCain presidency would formally bury the Constitution and any hope of regaining the rule of law.

And finally from Steve Benen, an outstanding Father's Day speech from Obama. Happy Father's Day to all you dads.

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