Tuesday :: Jun 17, 2008

The Maverick: Protect Alaska, Exploit California

by paradox

Jedi blogger Digby of Hullabaloo noted yesterday the American Presidential race is still in its formative media narrative stage, an excruciating period when charlatans who are held in the lowest esteem in the land (journalists are held in lower regard even than lawyers) make up some complete bullshit and proclaim it as the “narrative,” a broad absurd generalization of the candidate that has no bearing to reality but that conveniently manages to screw Democrats. Al Gore is a liar is their claim to fame so far, but they haven’t settled on what to knife Barack Obama with yet, we should know soon.

John McCain’s narrative has yet to be set either, even though his campaign desperately tries to revive the carcass of his “maverick” past that really isn’t like Bush Republicanism at all. The utter reality is that John McCain has evolved into a master kiss-ass, a sellout who abandoned core principles on torture and immigration simply to politically survive in a Republican party run amok in disastrous radicalism. Our little media jackals so laughingly called journalists can’t settle on the heinous reality of the truth of McCain as a nauseating flip-flopper, that would never do, so the musty empty shell of “maverick” mushily goes nowhere as McCain pathetically flops into painfully pathetic contradictions on a daily basis.

The latest bomb of sellout is drilling for oil off the coast of California after piously proclaiming protection for oil drilling in Alaska. The Republican Party is shackled irrevocably to Big Oil and John McCain (who is in terrible shape with his Party and base, another negative narrative avoided by the press) irritated them with his Alaska sanity, so he instantly sold out to desperately shut them up and advocated drilling for oil off California. The Sellout batted 1.000 yesterday, and not even Elizabeth Bumiller can hide it forever if keeps doing it day after day.

McCain just wrote California officially off, he was never going to win this blue state anyway, but he couldn’t do it in a million years after proposing to ruin the California coast. California is never going to drill off the coast to pathetically continue the mortal failure of internal combustion, the insult of incredible arrogance to our future and environment acidly laced with the absurd contradiction of simultaneously protecting Alaska.

The Flip-Flopper also wrote off a huge chunk of the younger generation of voters, who take the threat of global warming much more seriously than their elders. This, by the way, is supposed to be a core element of the “new” in Senator Obama’s new politics, the adoption of “Millennial” generation perspective that is so blissfully absent the festering sores of Vietnam, racism and abortion, and much more focused on inclusion, sharing and environmentalism.

I’ve written before that the absurdly accepted Democratic parameter of 2050 for 80% carbon emissions is in fact abdication to the status quo, that’s not change at all, but simply the same ol’ shuffle of jamming the environment to back of the agenda at election time. How can anyone think a goal forty-two years from now can be anything but the most rank timidity and abdication of duty the Boomers have always demonstrated toward the environment? New. Right.

Even if the Obama campaign valiantly earned Millennial credentials day after day the media still wouldn’t grant Senator Obama the narrative of New Democrat, it’s far too positive, Democrats are effeminate orange juice drinkers, liars in earth tones, when they aren’t plastered with pink bandaids, that is. Will our chattering “journalists” be finally forced to admit the screaming reality that John McCain’s narrative of Sellout and Flip-Flop is actually the truth as he jams it down their throats day after day? Time will tell, but it isn’t likely.

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