Saturday :: Jun 21, 2008

“Nothing’s Changed”

by paradox

When the FISA scandal first broke in 2005 I had an embarrassing evolution of crestfallen naiveté, for some basic searching of Bush video archives soon turned up a 2004 clip of Bush babbling a series of FISA rationalizations, followed by a total 100% screaming lie by Bush that in regards to American government surveillance on its citizens since 9/11, why, “nothing’s changed.”

For an earnest Democrat beaten silly with the clip I did not have sex with that woman my heart soared with an absurd hope that here was a presidential video lie of real substance and horror, finally our media would work and nail this lying bastard by airing the clip over and over again, day after day, week after week until some form of accountability was cranked out, truth and justice bravely shone forth to every soul in the country from the Woodstein heroes of my youth, our intrepid brave journalists.

After election 2000 and 9/11 I damn well should have known the American media lets George Bush get away with any felony, no matter how many are killed or died for the Bill of Rights. The FISA story and nothing’s changed clip were totally ignored, of course, and at this precise moment, a day after the House so unnecessarily, completely surrendered to Bush on FISA, there’s nothing on the home pages of the New York Times, Washington Post, or San Francisco Chronicle. Google News on the US file leads to a story in the Los Angeles Times, but as usual the FISA story is basically ignored in US “print” medium, nonexistent on television.

As we all know this fine morning of June 21, 2008, nothing’s changed in the Democratic Party leadership either, even after that god damn vegomatic primary process was supposed the studly candidate man, ya, that one sure worked out with a Wanker of the Day presidential candidate to lead us.

Yet again the old guard of the blogosphere, so talented and gifted in their great citizenship, hoists the tattered flag of Never Give Up after another terrible betrayal, the ragged pennant of Elect Better Democrats so sadly hanging below in pathetic limpness, many having to get drunk to get the deed done this time. This is an honorable path of real respect, lets be perfectly clear, it’s just immensely sad to watch the evolution happen yet again, time after time.

Smack on cue desperate loyal Party lieutenants scurry in the blogs and comment threads about the abhorrent virus of purity, look, abused one, are you never going to grow up and accept that the salty blood of a blow to the face is imperfection? The abyss is our alternative to your sobbing, so get up, goddamnit. Now give me your money.

It’s my calm, considered opinion after what will always be seared into my memory as Wanker Day that these earnest, serving souls of honor should simply shut the fuck up. In human relationships of blows and abuse one eventually enters a zone of non-judgment, one doesn’t get to say how a human soul reacts to repeated episodes of horrifying violence to principle and decency. Eventually any path of reaction is honorable, it’s none of our god damn business how any human picks themselves up and somehow moves forward after Wanker Day.

It’s just a plaintive wish, I know the purity lieutenants will never stop their furious duty, Lord knows they’ve got their work cut out for them. I just wish they’d see the obvious and leave me alone. I, too, respect their path, it’s just so very repetitive after all these bitter years of betrayal.

My path is to serve the only American brothers and sisters who have lead and given me hope all these dark years, the bloggers and organizations of blogtopia. If in the future my heroes are so precisely goddamn sure some Democrat like Darcy Burner truly is worthy of cash, well, I’ll give it to them and they can pass it on.

Not another dime in my name goes to the Democratic Party or its candidates for the 2008 election cycle. The American reality I know extremely well always delivers consequences to her people, often with quick appalling cruelty, and my soul won’t ever fit in a prism of subservience and enablement to liars and traitors who have the gall to proclaim leadership of this insanity.

I’ll be as cheerful and helpful as I can, content that at least I have not given up, that souls I trust and am positive are American will do well with whatever puny services I can offer. A lost, wandering American, dreaming of a country that could have been, cast aside in an evolving world by those who insist nothing’s changed.

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