Monday :: Jun 23, 2008

Monday Night Mashup // Open Thread

by paradox

It is one of those days in the political internets, a hot sultry Monday of summer that’s only just started, floods and fires a grim background to a FISA uproar that ultimately just gets everybody down. Seems hard to believe we’ll have basically forgotten about it all by the Convention, but it’s likely.

/* If you ever feel the need to swing the fungo bat around for old time’s sake, Billmon, mail me and I’ll give you my login. We could seriously use some pep and surely no harm would ever come from it.

/* I am not so sure John McCain’s proposed $300 million bounty for breakthrough is a good idea, but it does represent a form of cogent thinking, I’ll grant that. I don’t think it’s valid market incentives for this industry, but…one never knows about America, I truly can see somebody in a garage coming up with something new because of this.

/* Why are we having this election again? The McCain answer that Islamic extremism is the greatest economic threat we face is beyond ludicrous, it calls for various brain tests upon this pathetic chump political corpse, my God, how is this ever going to work against Barack Obama?

/* By having a terrorist attack before the election? I am not so sure dday of Hullabaloo is correct here, Black may not be invoking a reflex in our little media jackals, me may really believe it. If Black does he could only be so confident with a pliant, corporate media that would in fact would make a terrorist attack good for McCain, and as we all know our pathetic politic journalism corps has an amazing ability to take any news, no matter how terrible, and make it into good news for Republicans.

It’s sick and repugnant, but we all know They Booed at Wellstone’s Funeral Republicans would of course blame Democrats for a terrorist attack, and of course their little lapdogs in the media would carry their water for them and legitimize all the hate and filth.

Black was right. It’s the world we live in, gentle people, how I wish it weren’t so. Please be well.

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