Thursday :: Jun 26, 2008

The Fence

by paradox

Regrettably lost in the various Supreme Court-sparked uproars in the last week in what is for permissible in American’s behavior in killing each other was the stupid, regressive, juvenile, and infinitely offensive sanctioning of the US-Mexico border “fence,” another sad racist chapter of stupidity in US immigration policy.

In the past I have sneeringly wrote of this travesty as the “tortilla curtain,” something I will no longer do, for it grants the proposal a human legitimacy it doesn’t deserve. The Fence is simply a twisting stab backward into dark times that serve no human in any good purpose. When we as a people attempt to build physical walls to shut out our problems we have entered the hells of Berlin and Palestine. We are showing everyone in the most blatant way possible we don’t deserve to live here or be shepherds of the earth, we can’t even figure out how to live with other countries.

To my brothers and sisters in Mexico, to all of the citizens of that country toiling in the fields and factories and trucks here in America, I would, again, offer my most sincere and humble of apologies for the current criminal idiots who dare to call themselves American leading us. I have done everything I can to stop them, including this insane monstrosity, and nothing has worked. One day it will mercifully, quickly be torn down. I do not know when that day of human sanity will come.

The Fence is precisely like the Maginot Line in one respect, for it’s only 700 miles long, laughably too short to span the Mexican border, but at least the Maginot Line was fortified with real deadly technology and resources. The Fence, such as it is, won’t even last a year in the human onslaught of the border, it will be breached and broken in the blink of an eye, for the love of baby Jesus humans can’t be fenced off the Mexican border, how is that not screamingly obvious?

It also sends the precise message that the problems we share with Mexico aren’t worth anything more than demeaning denial, a way to shove off and shut out the human beings who do so much to feed us every day. Just wall it off and shut it out, American, those are Mexican humans in the strawberry fields. Wall them out and keep ‘em down and pretty soon they’re just Mexicans, not really humans like us.

How weary I am of the constant flow of policy outrages, week after week, month after month. I’m going to escape into my kitchen to bake peanut butter cookies with baseball on the radio for the rest of the day, hoping the familiar sounds and smells sooth my horribly jangled mind, somehow making a country I know used to be come alive again, somehow. If it’s summer with baseball and treats, well, I have to be in America, I just have to be.

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