Monday :: Jun 30, 2008

I Remember

by paradox

In a political summer of 2003 with “nothing to do” Howard Dean started a candidacy out of Vermont with a visionary internet campaign manager, Joe Trippi. I had an easy cube job in the Valley that summer and happily joined in, thrilled with a Democrat who at last would fight, feeling more like a demi-god every day as the code I toiled in transformed a political world, eventually to garner the endorsement of a real political god, Al Gore.

That marked a turning point for all the political forces possible to whap this upstart back, and well all know how that worked out. A pep talk after defeat in Iowa for earnest Deaniacs who had not a clue how to caucus was not the greatest of ideas, no, but the flaying of a candidate in the stocks with the Dean Scream is still a painful memory for me.

Even though it was hell, looking back it was only a mercifully brief window of about 90 days of frantic push-back, but the Obama campaign people have been in crunch mode for at least three times as longer. Just when victory finally arrived the FISA mess blew up to bring furious liberals charging into the threads, calls of emotional dis-engagement coming from the Obama faithful.

Long-time Obama supporters must be exhausted in a plane I cannot imagine, this cannot be a good place. I’m genuinely sorry.

I’ve said my piece in this personally utterly debilitating FISA fiasco and will forthwith leave it alone. The forces of the internet had their chance to stop this and didn’t. Not only is it a waste of time, after all the Obama people have been through it’s time for to personally stop crusading against this FISA insanity, I don’t see it helping and I do see it immediately hurting.

Furthermore, it very well could be a trap. If Digby of Hullabaloo is correct, the primary motivating factor for Obama accepting this FISA monstrosity is to show he can stand up to liberals. The louder the liberal base yells the more in fact it backfires and seals in defeat. We’ve lost.

So I’ve said my piece and will move on. I’m fairly certain next quarter I’ll come around and contribute to these so-called “new and better” Democrats, only one of which I positive exists, Darcy Burner. Almost all of my help will continue to flow to Americans I trust, people and institutions in blogtopia.

I think a lot of Obama individuals would be very dubious at my definition of “help” these days. I’m genuinely sorry about that too. I, also, am very tired, so godawful tired of seeing our people suffer, die, be maimed and abused, all in a shroud of enraging lies. When Steny Hoyer lies to me and Obama doesn’t stop it I will not be silent.

Onward. I have some minor blogtopia duty and then the career for the rest of the day. Please have a great Monday.

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