Sunday :: Jul 13, 2008

The Democratic Base

by paradox

Eight incredibly long years ago the Democratic Party base watched their candidate and all the Party’s chance for leadership in the new century get stolen right in front of them. Instead of standing up for the base, the Party gallingly played along with Bush with tax cuts while Condi Rice blew off blaring warnings the US about to be attacked.

The base not only had to put up with no accountability from this horrifying negligence1, they then had to watch a viciously implacable trap close upon eternally cowardly Democratic Partly leadership about being soft on terrorism. Tom Daschle stood on the Capitol steps and led the caucus in God Bless America, right before he signed away huge chunks of the constitution with the Patriot Act, a scene good hard-working liberals have had to watch in sickening basic repetition over the years.

Then we watched as John Kerry’s war record, so sterling in comparison to the furtive drunkenness of the worst of all time, got turned into pink bandaids by a complicit enabling media that, laughingly, thinks history will note no judgment on them for hounding Clinton into impeachment for petty personal sexual transgressions just the term before. Our media jackals whistle along thinking if they ignore their responsibility for Bush and the Iraq war it will simply make it so, while the Democratic base has had to put up dealing with the reality of lying insanity day after day.

Still, through it all, after every terrible defeat, the base somehow re-grouped and showed up for the Party for the 2006 elections, which gave the tragic results of illusion: as long as Joe Lieberman and Steny Hoyer are in the Party there is no Democratic governing majority in Congress, having a Democratic Speaker is just a maddening tease of alleged control. For rational, honest Americans who voted Democratic in 2006 with basic expectations of leadership and accountability this is a monstrously bitter, baffling pill to swallow.

Through it all those of us in the base watched many of our brightest minds and impassioned voices rail in anguish at all the capitulation and quit the Party in utter disgust, too enraged at all the surrender to align their American honor with it. We are only given one life in this world and these great souls couldn’t accept that blind faith might be the only chance to get results for the only window of time on Earth allowed to us, a choice of honor and understanding. Still, we miss our former people with a terrible aching sadness, wondering some days if faith will ever really work.

Finally, at the end of this shining road of political success, the great new “transformational” leader of the Party turned out to be the same ol' same ol’ who made sure everyone understands he really meant it when he said he wasn’t a liberal, the 4th amendment utilized for toilet paper on the Obama plane.

Where are these people going to go? Oblivious exasperated Obama supporters sputter, somehow ignoring the howls of rage from good liberal patriots as the country goes terminal on their watch.2 Jesus, Mary & Joseph, where the fuck do you think we’re going to go? In your face, your treacherously naïve obtuse change agents! After all the insane losing for nothing all these years all the faint-hearted Party weenies left, we’re not going to shut up, for Christ’s sake get it!

The Democratic Party base held the Party together, showed up and voted and when the time came, for better or worse, to hand over the Party leadership it was done in due course, such is the way of things. If, however, the Obama leadership and supporters expect the base to react like Republicans when they get knifed in the back just when they keys are handed over, well, they now understand very well that will never be the case.

[1] Meyer’s new book brightly illuminates how deeply the Bush administration knew they were responsible for 9/11, thus as nuclear motive to be whatever felons they wanted to make sure it never happened again.

This is a critical observation, for at least it gives a viable human motive for the most nefarious, felonious, odious turds of humans who ever defiled the Executive Branch in the history of the United States. They knew they were responsible for the horror of 9/11 so they over-compensated.

This is not the thesis of Klein, who eloquently maps behavior that exploits tragedy for unique windows of opportunity, not contrition for failing so badly.

[2] It’s open question on the wisdom of leading citizen political activism for obviously hopeless causes, but I am god-awful sick of watching our best people desperately try to console the base with how well they did while their leadership abandoned them yet again.

How dare Obama supporters expect citizens like Marcy Wheeler to shut up. One can only truly hope they know not what they do, for other explanations are totally incompatible with American Democratic Party ethos.

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