Monday :: Jul 21, 2008

Netroots Nation Dispatch Update

by Mary

Here's an update on the shadow conference (aka American Dream Summit) in Austin. As Digby noted, the conservative conference had the goal of "confronting the left head-on" in Austin.

David Neiwert and some friends decided to help with that confrontation and dared to enter the belly of the beast and found the participants wanly waiting for Michelle Malkin who was running late.

At least one of the conservative luminaries, Bob Barr, did decide to come to Netroots Nation, although from dday's report, without really a very coherent argument about why impeaching Clinton for lying about sex was necessary and vastly more important than impeaching Bush for his somewhat trivial crimes which include torture, spying on Americans, starting illegal and counterproductive wars. Goes to show that inappropriate sex is so much more evil than unrestrained violence. According to the war lovers party, guns are sacred while contraceptives are not.

Update: Don't be shocked! The press continues to be a cheap date for the right wing.

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