Friday :: Jul 25, 2008

The Invisible Maverick

by Turkana

Poor John McCain. Barack Obama's trip across the pond is going rather well. Important foreign leaders are all but endorsing him. Kings are literally playing his chauffeur. So, other than continuing to make a fool of himself, what can the Republican standard-bearer do? Well, the Washington Post reports:

Anxious to counter the blanket media coverage that has followed Sen. Barack Obama on his overseas journey, Sen. John McCain is weighing whether to announce his running mate in the coming weeks before the spotlight shifts to China and the opening of the Olympic Games next month.

What if a St. Maverick ran for president and no one noticed? He can't counter Obama's overseas reception because, well, people overseas don't like him. People over here apparently are forgetting about him.

Two top aides to the presumptive Republican nominee said the decision is likely to be announced after Obama returns from Europe on Sunday and before the Beijing Olympics begin Aug. 8. They said the campaign fears that unanticipated events coming out of China -- whether in the form of athletic accomplishments or human rights protests -- could deflect attention from the announcement if it were made during the Games.

All nominated up and nowhere to go. Hoping that a big announcement will get him some attention. A big announcement wedged between Obama's overseas trip and the Olympics. Because if anything that really matters to people is happening, he won't get that attention. That attention that he so needs. So desires. So craves. Is hurting for. Poor John McCain.

The list of likely contenders includes former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, former U.S. budget director Rob Portman and former Pennsylvania governor Tom Ridge.

Names guaranteed to light up the firmament like a 20 watt lightbulb. A flickering-and-about-to-burn-out 20 watt lightbulb. As previously noted by Big Tent Democrat, the voters are focused on Obama. They know McCain. They're not enthused by McCain. He's as exciting as a half-stifled yawn. The voters only want to be assured that they're safe with Obama. Which tells you what course McCain and the GOP will inevitably decide to take in trying to defeat Obama. It's going to get ugly. Because nobody likes John McCain. Nobody cares about John McCain. They're barely aware that he's even still running.

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