Saturday :: Jul 26, 2008

Just How Ugly?

by paradox

Everybody loves a winner, goes the old refrain, come home with the trophy and all is forgiven in politics. The Republican Party has enjoyed the benefits of grim butterfly ballot and swiftboat-assisted victories in the last two national elections, seriously ugly stuff, yet victory shielded them from the massive risk they’re about to be crushed with in that kind of campaigning: play hard’n brass-knuckled ugly…and then lose.

The conventions are weeks away, yet already John McCain has been easily humiliated by issuing one of the most stupid campaign challenges of all time, Barack Obama triumphantly paraded around the Middle East and Europe to adoring crowds and politicians like the new political Eurasia rock star he is. 1 Not only did John McCain childishly whine about the press in this disaster, but also got heinously ugly, saying Barack Obama “would rather lose a war in order to win a political campaign.”

Recent Democratic convert John Cole, publisher of very successful Balloon Juice, has stated that the coming election of a black Democratic politician to president is going drive his former brethren Republicans berserk, he’s already bought and backed up his hip waders, goggles and fumigant in preparation for wading through all the filth the Republicans are about to endlessly hurl out. The Grand Old Party has nothing else, they’ve been handsomely rewarded for it in the past, and John’s warning is one of many that the mother of all shitstorms is coming, get ready.

After being desperate and disgusting enough to say Barack Obama wants the United Sates to lose a war for his own personal gain, how much freaking uglier can it get? Really? Is Michelle Obama in for some new sick low bar of scrutiny and criticism? Will the Obama family be judged on what they give their kids at Christmas? Death Lists? What?

There is a grim amusement to watch the GOP and their bootlick automatons self-destruct with the filthy weapons of the past finally turned on themselves, but very soon one realizes that with the conventions still so far away and the filth and hate obviously backfiring, what will the Republican Party do then? When they realize all the scumbag tricks of the past aren’t working, what kind of “ugly” and “berserk” are we really talking about here?

Everyone comprehends the racial implications of the Obama candidacy and its physical dangers to the candidate, of course, but after rhetoric obviously fails—for a complete Democratic takeover of the Presidency, Senate and House in 2000—how at risk are all our people as the Republicans get increasingly desperate? Will this be a rhetorically fiery but relatively calm election, or are we really going to learn in horrifying reality just what “ugly” means?

Should violence occur more frequently at abortion clinics, start at polling stations or voter registration drives, campaign events or headquarters as the hot summer wears on American will have officially tipped over into fascism, according the to great writer and authority on hate groups, David Neiwert. In its core mentality and reality for Americans that’s how fascist authoritarianism will arrive, if it ever does: a political party going berserk and recruiting everyday citizens to inflict everyday intimidating violence on their opponents.

As a racially and gender-sheltered white male I can serenely foretell that such an American scenario is impossible with a calm confidence, but I imagine people of color, the gay/transgender community, or citizens of New Orleans would have a very differently feeling about such a possibility.

The utter disaster John McCain went through last week also shines a laser of illumination through the American political prism, so starkly displaying that he and the Republicans have nothing, are nothing, will always be nothing, and can’t even rely on filth in the gutter to campaign this year. Will the disastrous regression of the Republican party finally end with relatively quiet acceptance as Democrats sweep to total Federal victory in November? We’re about to find out.

[1] When I was stationed in Italy I was vastly amused to see all the young black males who wished to immediately find adoring Italian girls who were thrilled to have them sleep over whenever they could, while almost 100% of the white males had as much chance of sleeping with an Italian girl as they did walking the moon someday. Many of the white males didn’t take it well it all, nope, it was pretty funny. Most are Americans simply have no clue how idolized the American black male is in Eurasia, but at least more know now.

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