Monday :: Jul 28, 2008

No More Republicans, Please

by paradox

A United States Marine (E-3) in dress blues wandered into the 7-Eleven I often stop by after work for cigarettes this afternoon, looking intently around and loitering in a way I instantly recognized; so nothing to any of us who always walk into the place, but so classically American to him, wherever he came from, finally picking out a quart of water and reluctantly joining the checkout line.

“Put your money away, Marine, it’s no good here,” I said. The Middle Eastern oh all of our people have immigration lawyers checker instantly got it, reaching out for the Marine’s water and scanning the bottle without comment.

“Thank you,” he said quietly, looking me in the eye, a quiet tall Hispanic soul of quiet dignified duty I have come to know so well. “Yeah,” I said plainly, and left.

The other people in line were small smiles in one of those fucking sappy Kodak moments, right, but after a day of acute distress I finally felt better for tangibly doing some duty. That Marine had at least one tour under his belt, probably two, and whatever recruiting function that had landed him outwardly whole in my tiny world this day wasn’t going to stop him from going back.

However he comes back, if he does, maybe he’ll remember a small act of kindness, trying to heal from a race that inflicted so many hellish wounds on him. How I hope so, good luck and peace be with you, United States Marine.

John McCain is a lying lowlife campaigner who is a disgrace to the United States of America, that’s a fact, and I was happy to recommend hotshot Slinkerwink’s diary at Daily Kos this morning, is was so rightfully true, but in the threads Dansac called for contributions, so I dissed Granny Doc instead, sort of.

What the fuck is the matter with you? I fumed the whole day. The big man is back from his trip, the media narrative is lying again, of course, your people are right there in the fight for the Republic and you whined yourself into a corner of futility that served no one!

I was psyched after Netroots Nation, seriously, FISA and Pelosi were put behind me sufficiently for decent fighting, the middle class may be ignored in the election but such is your fate in the world, shut up, have we won yet? Then the Obama campaign floated a possible Republican choice for vice-president, Ann Veneman, over the weekend.

I am respectfully requesting that the Obama campaign never ever float the name for any possible federal future appointee that is be a Republican. I am a small person, happy to serve in any way I can to elect more and better Democrats, this is my life destiny and I’m so cool with it, but proposing my Party elect Republicans along with the nominee fucks my head up to a degree of complete useless whining, please excuse me, it’s the way it is.

This is extremely unfortunate, I humbly do think, and beneath all of us. I can be marginalized as a boomer trapped in the psychodrama of Clinton blowjobs, it’s cool, written off as an automatic base vote, no problem, dismissed as a ranting pajama-clad leftist mom folds his clothes blogger bitch, it means not a god damn thing to me as long as I do my duty, right, but I can’t fight for Republicans.

They’re wrecked our finances, the Army, our reputations as Americans, the Marine Corps, New Orleans, the Constitution and even their own Party brand, Republicans can only be counted on to lie. They’ve goaded us, spit on us, inflicted incredible pain and wounds on our people they’re going to fucking totally skate on, Jesus, they're all on the run from felonies! They are not our people.

Not in an election. If Republicans choose to grow up and act in good faith I’m more than willing to be Christian and American with them, in due course, when they’ve earned it.

They have yet to do so. Even the “floating” of the idea, even if “they’re just kidding,” well, it’s not something I can handle as a base Democratic Party member. I’m ready to fight, I’m ready to contribute to the limit and for the sake of holy baby Jesus be with my people and help in a Federal election, but I’m pleading with all my soul that the Obama campaign float no more Republican names as vice-president, it finishes me.

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