Friday :: Aug 1, 2008

The Arbiters

by paradox

Much has already been deservedly written about the utter piece of filth Dana Milbanks published at the Washington Post Wednesday, Milbanks so ably demonstrating himself to be a panting water boy for the Republican narrative of “presumptuous nominee.” Although this element of carrying the narrative is correct, my further take on this amazing arrogance and contempt for the reader was an implacability of judgment, a sickening declaration that Dana Milbanks and the Washington Post will decide the election, not voters.

Before that psychosis is explored further it’s important to note how we got to the set-up of the dogwhistle narrative in the first place: John McCain is a chump political corpse who pathetically flailed to the gutter as Senator Barack Obama was hailed and cheered abroad as the new great American hope. American journalism cannot make itself report the truth that McCain is consistently behind 9 points behind nationally or that the electoral prospects for Senator Barack Obama look extremely good, but everyone else knows and feels a total rout on the march, as of August 1 Election 2008 McCain is getting crushed.1

Jedi blogger Digby of Hullabaloo warned of a dog day rollout, so Glenzilla took the perfect handoff and wrote This is exactly what happens every single election cycle. The Right spews some petty, personality-based attack, and the chirping media birds then mindlessly repeat it until it's lodged into our discourse as accepted fact. So now our great exercise of thriving electoral Democracy is underway, human issues of screaming magnitude just blithely ignored by a chattering village class of “journalists” in an incredulous infinity of suckitude. God bless America.

All very true, yes, but Milbanks doesn’t seem himself as a water-carrier, not at all, somehow in his sick little world of DC “journalists” they’ve convinced themselves that they are the arbiters of the national election, the official gatekeepers of who may be allowed into power and who may not. Milbanks was carrying Republican water, of course, but he was also flatly stating that he and his psychotic band of brothers have the power to decide the election, how dare Senator Barack Obama show everyone up and decide it so early, and he’ll do anything—see this utter piece of filth?—to make sure we know it.

A fascinating development to this horribly predictable evolution is that formerly rabid fangers from the DC journalism pack have broken ranks, they’re off the reservation into amazing meanders of truth. Andrea Mitchell and Joe Klein are not netroots heroes, never will be, but in all fairness lately both have done some decent reporting, simply unable in the face of all that has gone wrong to put up with all the bullshit anymore.

That unprecedented break from the pack will inevitably invite more followers, another reason to grimly note the 2008 Democratic rout is just beginning. John McCain is using the same dolts who so disastrously engineered the 2006 disaster, and if Obama can ably respond to the filth now being so desperately thrown at him--there’s no indication that he can’t or won’t, despite the base’s impatience—all the Republicans and McCain credibly have is a pathetic bleat of tax cuts, carried by a political corpse for a Party brand in utter disgrace.

Facing an electorate clamoring for change, peace, truth, and justice, energized by a charismatic candidate with a beautiful family, and using the internet, finally, to push back against the insane inanity of American journalism. Dana Milbanks still thinks he’s an arbiter to our precious destiny, and he’s about to find out how wrong he is.

[1] As I suspected my fierce declarations of cutting Obama off from further donated funds after the latest Congressional disaster lasted about three weeks. After I publish this $100 will be donated to the Obama campaign—fuck you, Dana Milbanks—to bring my total for Obama to $626.

I still stand by what I said. To cut to the chase, the Republic and Earth are at stake in election 2008. We only have this one chance, and I will not go away after the election, so I must do my duty. I’ll be here in January 2009, so the country and the planet must be given the chance, I must do my duty.

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