Tuesday :: Aug 5, 2008

Don't Look

by Turkana

You won't hear about this on television, and you won't read it in your newspapers, but correspondent Hussein, of the McClatchy Inside Iraq blog, just read a book about post-invasion Iraq, and the disconnect between the foreigners living in the Green Zone and the people actually living in actual Iraq.

It is still the same today. Iraqi officials live in luxury and don't know what is going on just a few miles from them and what is happening across the country they rule. They don't care that Iraqi people lack power supply, drinking water, medical care, security, housing and a decent standards of living. We hear that millions of dollars have been spent on these problem in addition to education and transportation, but all in vain. Corruption and lack of planning are a great obstacle to progress but maybe just venturing out of the International Zone for a few nights could teach them what we suffer. Maybe then we'll see progress.

And since we all know that will never happen, you can deduce when there will be actual progress in Iraq. Fewer Americans are being killed. That's all we Americans care about. That's all you'll hear about from our media.

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