Sunday :: Aug 10, 2008

Letter From California

by paradox

08/10/08 0718.21 pst
San Jose, California

My two Obama for President yard signs were vandalized and removed from the lot last Thursday, an act that still leaves me a little surprised, for I’m in a bluest of blue districts (CA-15) in a blue state, something like this has never happened to me before. There was no damage to property or gardens, just the signs removed.

I will order two more today, of course, along with a poster to put in a front window; if they had flags I’d buy one too. Perhaps it was a wankstain who will never grow up, or maybe our Republican brethren are feeling a little desperate, there’s no way to know, but faithful Democrats live in this house, and anyone who walks by is soon to instantly know it, as usual.

Not a big deal in the scheme of things, but still a little sad, I always turn my presidential yard signs into a little ritual every four years, but after 217 years of the constitution voting rights still have a long way to go in the world’s oldest democracy.

Representative democracy is currently having a very hard time in the state of California, the governor screwing little people like elevator operators at the Capitol out of their jobs so he can somehow feel like he’s turning the screws on the Legislature to get the budget he wants. Weeks ago Schwarzenegger proposed borrowing against future gambling revenue, and when that laugher went nowhere last week he offered pure regression in a higher statewide sales tax.

Right after threatening not to sign other totally un-related bills on his desk until he gets his budget, vital laws that Schwarzenegger could give a damn about, all of California must bow and genuflect to the Great One in his quest to wreck as much of our State government as he can.

How did we get to this state of a petulant moron abusing our people while the legislature refuses to function? California is ungovernable.

After reading Calitics for two months now that is the undeniable conclusion, and I’m confident those fine writers would agree with me. The issue is California’s absurd bicameral legislature, specifically the Senate, where majorities won’t work, only super-majorities requiring two-thirds will, so a relatively small minority—the Republicans—have the power to stop anything they want, as long as they think they can get away with it.

Sound familiar? This is the precise backdrop to Nancy Pelosi’s whine about impeachment, without 60 Senate votes nothing can get done. Pelosi was always wrong about that, but the point is, again, the American bicameral representative model grossly failed, we should have grown up as a country by now to get rid of it and just use a single legislative body, but we haven’t.

The United Kingdom got rid of the House of Lords, to those 99% of Americans reading this who will instantly scoff, the idea never gets any traction in the United States but maybe in some future epoch we’ll finally heave our fractious, divisive, horribly obstructing Senators everywhere.

A skilled, empathetic advanced human as Governor can go a long way to make up for California’s limitations, but instead we’re stuck with the Terminator leading a minority party that’s regressed into destructive loons, in their idiocy of refusing to raise taxes they’re perfectly happy to see millions of lives smashed and millions more denied any meaningful future.

Happy days in the Golden State, yes indeed. After a month of creepy smoke and ash enough of the local fires have been contained to give us clear blue skies in the Bay Area again, but traditional fire season is truly only just beginning, there’s another 60 days to go, and already State fire crews are exhausted and grieving, nine brave men dead in a helicopter crash four days ago fighting fires near Junction City.

Likely there is another 60 days to go in California’s budget fiasco, too, Californians grimly waiting for the results and hoping for the best. It doesn’t look good, no.

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