Tuesday :: Aug 12, 2008

What In The World???!!!

by eriposte

Just stunningly depressing to see this from Sen. Russ Feingold. It's terrible in so many ways - it severely undercuts Sen. Obama's and the Democrats' portrayal of Sen. McCain. It starts here (bold text is my emphasis):

"I think the guy [Sen. McCain] calls 'em as he sees 'em, and as president would call 'em as he sees 'em, and would make people mad all over the place because it wouldn't fit anybody's playbook," said Feingold, who teamed up with McCain to rewrite federal campaign laws.

"He would be very original," Feingold said.


Those are not exactly Democratic talking points.

In fact, while Feingold supports his fellow Democrat Barack Obama for president, he continues to express (when asked) his affection and admiration for McCain, even in ways that deviate from his party's core strategy against the Arizona Republican, which is to paint him as a clone of President Bush, and a "maverick no more."

Feingold calls McCain "very original" and a "maverick by nature." McCain's own TV ads call him the "original maverick."

"I'd rather have Obama for many, many reasons," Feingold said, citing his deep differences with McCain over foreign policy, health care and civil liberties, and his belief that Obama could be an inspirational president.

He also is critical of McCain's campaign, suggesting that its efforts to "tarnish" Obama may end up tarnishing McCain as well.

"But the notion that somehow (McCain) is going to get in there and be some kind of ideological Newt Gingrich right-winger is a joke. There's no way that he would do that," Feingold said.

Good grief. Just when you think it can't get any worse, you get this:

Feingold describes both candidates as effective lawmakers who are in many ways "less ideological than I am."

"They both have the intellectual ability and the maturity to form judgments about important policy issues. I'd feel comfortable with both of them in there as president," Feingold said. "They are not people who are just preening for the cameras. They're both celebrities. (But) they're the rare breed: celebrities who are actually interested in getting things done."

Why bother having presidential elections and campaigns?

As Taylor points out, he's joining the club - just as Joe Lieberman (I-Lieberman for Lieberman) is warming up.

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