Friday :: Aug 15, 2008

Speaking Of Unfit

by Turkana

Jerome Corsi is about to be a number one bestselling author, thanks to his hateful screed about Barack Obama. As documented by Media Matters, this is the type of rhetoric Corsi has been known for:

  • Corsi on Islam: "a worthless, dangerous Satanic religion"
  • Corsi on Catholicism: "Boy buggering in both Islam and Catholicism is okay with the Pope as long as it isn't reported by the liberal press"
  • Corsi on Muslims: "RAGHEADS are Boy-Bumpers as clearly as they are Women-Haters -- it all goes together"
  • Corsi on "John F*ing Commie Kerry": "After he married TerRAHsa, didn't John Kerry begin practicing Judiasm? He also has paternal grandparents that were Jewish. What religion is John Kerry?"
  • Corsi on Senator "FAT HOG" Clinton: "Anybody ask why HELLary couldn't keep BJ Bill satisfied? Not lesbo or anything, is she?"

Apparently, Corsi has apologized for those remarks. In our society, you can be as hateful and bigoted as you like, just so you later apologize. Then, you can be accepted into the mainstream, your credibility intact. But Media Matters also points out that Corsi is scheduled to appear on a bigoted right-wing radio show.

But notwithstanding Corsi's apologies for his comments, Corsi is reportedly scheduled to appear with host James Edwards on the August 17 edition of The Political Cesspool Radio Show, which, according to its "Statement of Principles," "represent[s] a philosophy that is pro-White" and which "heartily endorse[s] and accept[s] as our own, the founding tenets of the Council of Conservative Citizens [CCC]." According to a Fall 2007 article in the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Report, " 'The Political Cesspool' in the past two years has become the primary radio nexus of hate in America." Corsi previously appeared on the July 20 edition of the show, in which he promoted The Obama Nation and criticized Sen. Barack Obama.

It's always encouraging to know that our national political dialogue can be dominated by people with such intellectual integrity and moral clarity.

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