Saturday :: Aug 16, 2008

The Last August

by paradox

As of this writing there are precisely 15 days left in August 2008, a tragic, horrible month on the American calendar when Bush is in power that has yet again delivered mayhem and a tattered pathetic leadership response. Just as Bush sneered you’ve covered your ass to frantic memos the United States was about to be attacked or watched from 30,000 feet as New Orleans drowned, August 2008 saw Bush in a grab-ass Olympics jaunt as Russia blew up 2,000 little people, the Secretary of State resolutely on vacation.

Incredulously, as if to nail home to any doubters how lost in space the United States is, Poland announced on Thursday it had “crossed the Rubicon” to implement a stupid insane missile “defense” system with the US right on the doorstep of Russia, heaving a salted heated spear of provocation straight into the fresh crisis wound of Georgia.

Lunatics, wrote an aghast Big Tent Democrat at TalkLeft, wtf! from a bewildered McJoan at Daily Kos. These are brilliant, accomplished, professional American minds who choose their words very carefully, and of course they are not the only ones who have noticed, after six years of war with the Army and Marine Corps busted with these mental patient automatons in the White House the United States will be fortunate indeed not to be provoked into another self-destructive delusional criminal war over nothing.

The stupid, insular mindset that produces such leadership was on full vapid DC display all week, the President scolding another country for something he’d done precisely himself on a much grander scale, John McCain blathering that Georgia is “the first serious crisis internationally since the cold war.”

The Iraq war? Never mind! 9/11, Afghanistan, global warming, never mind, goddamnit, this is America, Americans don’t think or remember or have morals or mourn for lost loves, they watch TV to be exploited and lied to.

What utter contempt our leadership and media have for the American people, it truly is remarkable that after record-setting disapproval numbers and election 2006 they still could so wantonly and resolutely be in denial about just how virulently Bush is loathed, how desperate Americans are for change from these daily insults to their lives.

Why, in fact, do all the wrongs that have been inflicted upon the country in the last eight years seem to be missing from the campaign dialogue? Bob Herbert notes this morning the opposition campaign is missing emphasis on infrastructure, yes, but the criminality and destructiveness behind Bush leadership is also totally ignored, they waltz around mouthing fantasies as if they’re positive no one will ever hold them accountable for the multiple current disasters the country is now in.

A great deal of the answer has to be ignoring the national polls and looking at the electoral map instead, which produces a amusingly subdued and hushed David Broder at the Washington Post today, he knows damn well but does not write the Obama people are rock solid confident because in the actual state-by-state races where the presidential race is John McCain is the political corpse he’s always been.

More comes from the nauseating media phenomena of swiftboater Corsi surfacing from the slime again, merely proving Republicans can drive whatever media narrative they want, no matter how scurrilous and putrid, whenever they want. It shouldn’t be surprising that kind of media environment has permanently spooked Democratic candidates, and although Obama is combative enough in the present narratives of course he can’t drive it as he should be with so much gone wrong.

Take the election, that seems to be the only answer to those outraged, broken, and grieving Americans in New Orleans, what happened to Cindy Sheehan, Valerie Plame and Mary Tillman, well, shut up and stuff it into the memory hole, American, that’s the country George Stephanopoulos and Condi Rice want, that’s the country you’ll get.

The election will have to be enough, that’s just where America is. Can the United States truly form a new vision and leadership for the 21st century that completely abandons carbon energy, war and dishonesty while somehow ignoring the disasters that caused us to abandon such ruinous practices in the first place? That isn’t a scenario for success in this world, but such is the path our country seems determined to take—if we can make it through this last August and year of Bush presidency, that is.

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