Sunday :: Aug 17, 2008

Renewable Energy Policies

by Mary

The other day I was listening to a Radio Special on KQED about the candidate positions on Renewable Energy. It was billed as an opportunity for each candidate's surrogates to present their candidates' position in a "collaborative discussion." The gist of the program was that McCain and Obama had basically the same position on this issue with very little difference between them. (Audio not yet available, but should be soon at this link.) Talk about muddying the waters.

I noticed that Dave Roberts was also getting upset about the media lie that McCain is just as good on the environment. As he said, the Democrats get beaten up for saying they will allow drilling offshore in certain areas, while McCain refuses to even consider the compromise because it might take this issue off the table for the election. But that shouldn't be a surprise, McCain has always been an opportunistic SOB and he sure wouldn't step on the toes of those who are paying the bills.

Meanwhile check out where all that offshore oil is:

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