Monday :: Aug 18, 2008

Voting Machine Boondoggle

by Mary

McClatchy provided an update on the Touch Screen Voting machine issues asking whether the millions of dollars provided by Congress to upgrade voting systems throughout the country were wasted. Voters in a number of states including California and Ohio will not be using Touch Screen Machines this year.

However, almost 32% of the nations precincts will be solely dependent on Touch Screen Voting machines for this election, because according to the election officials in those states, worries about fraud arising from Touch Screen Machines were overblown. It is not surprising that for many of these states, the person in charge of the voting systems is a Republican. One trusting soul is Todd Rokita for Indiana, who has been shown to be quite worried about voter fraud if the state doesn't enforce their Voter Id law. He says that the machines his state uses have not proven defective, although if you read this, you might question that broad statement. Are voters in Indiana, Pennsylvannia and Georgia prepared to deal with their intransigent election officials?

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