Tuesday :: Aug 19, 2008

Our Evangelical Moment

by paradox

I was remiss yesterday in scolding Senator Obama for lounging as the planet relentlessly cooks for, of course, he hitched up some work pants for that little sojourn to the evangelical Christians and Pastor Rick Warren, a distasteful unnecessary waste of time with the potential to do some real harm. I wondered if it as just me, but my suspicions were confirmed when Booman went miniature golfing and John Cole got drunk for the occasion, this was not good, no.

The stated rationale for this futility, at least by Dionne of the Washington Post this morning, is cutting the Republican margin of the evangelical vote by 5-10 points. Show me how it’s necessary we need those magical mystical evangelical votes to win.

What can be demonstrably shown with utter clarity is a 30 year history by evangelicals of persecution, punishment and coercion of our women for having sex. That’s what the abortion crusade is, these fools have always made it plain life only means how they think you should live it, nothing more. The abortion crusade has also been used as a vicious club in the sexist cultural atmosphere of America.

These evangelical Christians, there is demonstrable evidence they have flocked to Al Gore and are forking over cash, labor and marketing to shepherd the earth? Perhaps, maybe, there then would have been some good in recruiting their votes, otherwise it just gave millions of Democrats a nasty intellectual and spiritual hangover Sunday morning.

There is no harm in reaching out to obnoxious narrow-minded authoritarians, no, but it’s just another dart of deflation to the Democratic base, we don’t need this sect of Christians, they have demonstrated no change of behavior, but we do need the enthusiasm of our people. I fumed, Booman went miniature golfing and John got drunk, way to go.

All male bloggers, of course. I wouldn’t dare to presume what liberal female Democrats thought of Obama’s evangelical moment, just as I would never dare even to have the issue exist, not at least without a crystal clear explanation as to why we need the votes of such rabid authoritarians that have done such harm to so many of our rightfully precious causes. These evangelicals, have they suddenly started crusading for Darwin?

It was just a campaign moment, yes, soon the VP pick will be out and this embarrassing genuflect will be instantly shoved in the memory whole and the base will be the base, they will vote for Obama no matter how many sell-outs or indignities we put them through.

It was embarrassing, I personally ached for our atheist friends in the party and as an Episcopalian I was appalled some television hoser had commanded a “Christian” American agenda. A very, very nominal Episcopalian, regular readers of mine know it’s no secret I like Jesus and Francis, but since the Church won’t speak out against the war because then all the rich Republicans would quit the congregation, well, I stopped going.

I doubt I’ll ever go back, I don’t forget. The point is that I’m a member of this party too, and this evangelical moment was just another waved back of the hand, how sure my vote is counted, no matter what happens.

The money continues to roll in for the Obama campaign in record numbers, they have a solid lead in the electoral polls and a vast, impressive field operation with an environment made in heaven for liberals and Democrats. They don’t need to listen to my tiny scolding as long as I and the base vote for them, and they’re right, I will.

It didn’t have to be this way at all, a total landslide win was and is possible on a plainly stated liberal agenda. I do think it’s a significant wasted opportunity for next January, but everybody loves a winner. Even if a lot of the Democratic base is bored and discouraged, a win is a win.

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