Tuesday :: Aug 19, 2008

VP Choices Announced.......by Me

by Jeff Dinelli

Enough with the speculation and breathless announcements of where Barack Obama is holding a rally Saturday and where John McCain is throwing down the day after the Democratic Convention. The choices of running mates will be as follows:

Obama does not need New Englander and senile drug war advocate ("his Anti-Drug Proliferation Act provides 20-year prison sentences for club owners, concert promoters, and people who throw parties in their home, if 'drug use' takes place in such settings") Joe Biden to be VP, he needs him to be Secretary of State, which would've led us into a truly stupid reaction to a situation like Georgia, which Obama wants to reconstruct and welcome into NATO, apparently leaving South Ossetia, which, remember, Georgia invaded, to go blow.

Apparently the netroots has done something good for once, killing any chance of the creepy war hawk Evan Bayh being selected. Tim Kaine? Melissa, please explain why this guy is such a joke. Forget reading into shared URL's, what are Clintonistas gonna say if Kathleen Sebelius is the pick? What, you wanted a woman but Hillary's not good enough?

No, the real story is that Secretary Joe Biden is in the quaint little democratic hamlet of Georgia right now offering the VP slot to President Mikheil Saakashvili. Lovers of democracy unite!

The Republicans? Ignore the hyperventilating of Rush and FOX about choosing a pro-choice running mate being "political suicide," watch in amazement and pure, unadulterated joy as the corpse of Rudy Giuliani is exhumed and placed on the ticket.

Clip 'n' save.

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