Wednesday :: Aug 20, 2008

Polls Show McCain Landing Punches

by Jeff Dinelli

There's much ado about new polls showing McCain holding a 5 point lead going into the conventions, after Obama led by 7 just last month. Ultimately the next important poll is going to be released after both parties are done with their conventions, but there are, I suppose, some things to chew on here.

Obviously McCain's recent attacks, lobbed to coincide with Obama's European tour, then during the Georgian crisis, while Obama was on vacation in Hawaii, succeeded in defining Obama among conservatives. He's inexperienced at a time when the world is a dangerous place. There's no meat on them bones -- he's just a celebrity riding a cult of personality. Despite the fact that McCain wouldn't see 200,000 Germans by spending a couple weekends attending soccer matches, Obama's been defined. Now his camp needs to spend some energy defining McCain, and indeed there seems to be a new ad campaign leading us into the convention, as Erin points out below. McCain drew some blood, and I think it suprised Obama Nation.

Announce a solid running mate, ride the (hopefully) good vibes into Denver, which will be a star-studded McCain pinata party, and come out of it with a 20 point lead. Then we could sit back a little easier watching the bad acid trip that will be MPLS.

C'mon, Barack. Prove everyone wrong, and I'm including myself, certainly, with all the doubters out here. Defy Democratic Party tendencies to stay on the defensive and appeal to America's grossly overrated intellect and finer principles. Jab, jab, take the fight to the old man. Make sure everyone knows McCain = more Bush. Give the fly-over masses a reason, a platform of real change, to vote for, and let the chips fall where they may.

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