Thursday :: Aug 21, 2008


by Turkana

I would love to think that all the blogosphere buzz over John McCain's not knowing how many homes he owns will matter. I would love to agree with those who think this will derail McCain's candidacy. I would love to think that McCain's being terrible on the issues and wrong on the facts- not to mention his being a liar and a hypocrite- will eventually sink in with most voters, and end this thing before it really begins. And maybe some combination of all that will. But I'm guessing that McCain's being married to a wealthy heiress, and his not knowing how many homes they own, won't make a difference to more than a smattering of voters. The voters have already proved their willingness to elect a brain dead spoiled brat dry drunk perpetual adolescent who was the single most unimpressive and unaccomplished candidate ever to win a major party nomination. Something very well might defeat McCain- and I'm guessing it most likely mostly will be the general mood of the electorate- but being rich and out of touch has never stopped anyone from winning the presidency.

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