Friday :: Aug 22, 2008

Change of Heart on Obama's VP Pick

by Jeff Dinelli

Like every American staring at their cell phone, breathlessly awaiting a text message this morning revealing Barack's running mate, I find myself daydreaming of the possibilities: Hillary, Jesse, Dennis Kucinich, Bill Grieder, Zach de la Rocha, Russ Feingold, Bono...And simply because I can, I'm retracting my earlier prediction of Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili and going out on a limb. It's gonna be Kathy Sebilius.

My local bookie has her at 7-1 odds, which was good enough for me to bite on. Of course, Evan Bayh and Tim Kaine are at 7/5, Biden at 13/2, and Hillary was tempting at 8-1 (same as Chris Dodd!), but I have to go with my gut here, and look to pad the wallet a bit before football starts. Former lead singer of Concrete Blonde Janet Napolitano is 35-1, Wesley Clark, 15-1.

Oh, and just for a sneak preview of a week from today, The Book had Mitt as the leader until Time retracted (according to my bookie) its prediction for Mr. Strap Your Dog To The Hood Of Your Car, and now he's in 2nd place behind Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who's at 5/7, maybe because Obama is polling a double digit lead up there. "Put your money on Condi, Dinelli," the bookie said with a chuckle. "You like the female longshots. She's at 10-1 right now."

Evil bastard. Doesn't he have enough of my money? He's getting inside my head now so no matter how high he raises those spreads for Tony Romo's Cowboys this season, I'm gonna probably gonna play. Gambling is not for the timid of heart, and really it's advantageous to NOT have a heart at all, which is why I'm betting against my hopes of Hillary being on that text today.

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