Saturday :: Aug 23, 2008

Letter From California

by paradox

08/23/08 0506.53 pst
San Jose, California

“What’s the matter with you?” she asked Tuesday morning. “You tossed and turned all night.”

“Just work stuff,” I replied, leaving out the little fact that for the first time in four years of political writing I didn’t cross-post and contribute at Daily Kos, a place I consider just as much home as this blog. So very tired of being angry in the presence of friends, brothers and sisters, simply unable to be provocative and contemptuous among people I admire so much.

Since the utter belly flop for the start of the campaign that had the normally placid Josh Marshall literally yelling at the Obama people to STOP BEGGING all-out attack has been waged on McCain’s wealth and of course the VP pick has been made, Joe Biden. I see.

Such is my reaction to any to campaign tactic or promise from any Democrat in the last week: mm. I see. I see holy war waged over an obvious wealth gaffe while “social security is a disaster” was let go with the winds, but what would I know, silly psychodrama-nineties-Democrat me.

Something snapped in me when the Democratic candidate for President of the United States groveled for votes among those who loathe and detest Darwin. Thomas Jefferson may have been spinning in his grave but I had to live through it in real time, it yanked me into another political plane of perspective I haven’t used before.

It has nothing to do with stomping out or proclaiming I’m never giving any money or not voting for Democrats anymore, it’s a strange lot of nothing, eventually left with a dark, wry amusement that after the Military Commissions Act, abandoning FISA, a candidate who campaigns like Sally Fields and then begging for votes from abortion crusaders Democratic politicians would really think I’m so stupid. So dumb as to just let it all slide by, so meek as to stuff it all into the memory whole.

So now we’ve started a fight and made a good pick for VP? I see. That’s good.

We all live in a world of alternatives, and while I was on my little journey to a new place I had to watch the Secretary of State, of the United States of America, proclaim with insane stupidity that military power is not the way to deal with our new glorious 21st century and that missile defense in Poland was really for threats from North Korea.

The United States used to be a great country, our public servants weren’t lying idiots with lakes of blood at their feet, so utterly contemptuous of what used to be core American values as they lose two wars. Here in San Jose it’s not just the Federal fun and games, we chucked an election for the Republican Terminator, and in this fine year of our Lord, 2008, he finally gets his chance to wreck as much of the State he can, throwing countless lives of the little people to the wind.

From where I stand the functional integrity of American government is in utter ruins, at least at the County and City level we still seem to have our lights, but a California perspective of political reality shows a very bleak picture, compared to the rest of the globe we are way, way behind.

That’s the alternative to walking away from my political nightmare, and I’ve always known we could work our way out of this incredible mess, so of course I’m still here.

Obama’s VP pick voted for the Iraq war while his campaign takes in millions of corporate cash? I see. It’s a good pick. Okay.

I read Digby’s post at Hullabaloo on what some of our new friends and their views of abortion are. I am still utterly dumfounded anyone would ever think Wallis could be a Democrat with sisters like Digby—all our women, not just her—in the Party. Is it possible to be more disrespectful and outrageously obtuse? I see.

The Democratic candidate finally used his Harvard Law Review brain to fight back and will win this November. That’s good. I am not fooled, that totally necessary victory is only the first tiny step on a long, long, long road to get our party and country back.

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