Sunday :: Aug 24, 2008

I Like Tommy Chong // Open Thread

by paradox

Good luck and best wishes to all bloggers, demonstrators, public servants and attendees at the Democratic Convention. I would have liked to have gone, but…perhaps in 2012, the Democratic Party brand isn’t something I’m too thrilled with supporting in Denver right now, that’s all.

Glenzilla says it far better than I can, the choice of Biden is simply a huge green light for the status quo. It’s discouraging; I like Tommy Chong very much, and one of the few consolation items of the Obama ascension was his 100% NARAL rating. Oh well…

I loathe the idea of being a downer on it all, we will simply do the best we can. There is still an election to win, so many areas that need urgent work once that vital task is complete. Good luck Barack and Michelle Obama, be well and do us proud. Stay safe, Jesus watch over you, Christ yes.

Please have a great week, everyone. Please use this as an Open Thread.

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